Advocacy Analysis

Data Mining for Mental Health Advocates on Twitter

How do Mental Health Advocates on Twitter stack up? To look into this question, I ran an API query on the 1st 1000 verified Twitter users with “Mental Health Advocate” in their profile summary against a control sample of verified Twitter users with the letter “a” in their profile summary.

What were the results?

Verified MH AdvocatesVerified Random Users
Profile Summary126.0 (characters)111.2 (characters)

The average sampled Mental Health Advocate had ~2:1 ratio of followers/follows compared to the control which had ~18:1 (!!). At least in this experiment, Mental Health Advocates have far less reach and, based on the generosity with favorites, it suggests they try harder to get less attention as well. Wish there was something Twitter could do to help improve reach and engagement for Mental Health Advocates.