What is Mindful Data?

Hi! I’ve decided to embark on a project to start up a data advocacy group for mental health. I’m trying to garner funds that would be used to create a 501(3)c as well as pay to build and maintain data sets, open source data dashboards, website/blog, GitHub organization, and promote advocacy around more open data.

Personally, I’ve gone through my own mental health condition and worked through to recover from it. It’s well-managed now. The condition side-swiped a promising 10+ year career in tech. It’s been 4+ years into my journey and I’d like to do some good going forward in life and pay it forward for the people that kept me alive and got me to this level of health.

One of the toughest problems was identifying data and understanding, on an aggregate level, just what would help me individually survive, recover, and eventually thrive in life. That information is largely anecdotal and hidden from my perspective. There’s good work being done to make that all available too. Right now, the purpose of this project is to do a few things:

  • Build and maintain a GitHub organization that organizes open mental health data
  • Build, maintain, and improve open source data visualizations analyzing the open data sets
  • Build and maintain a website/blog for mental health data and analyses (this one!)
  • Advocate for more data, research, and funding in mental health
  • Organize communities to open and analyze data for mental health

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