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TweetMH: Hourly Twitter Mental Health Card

So, going through the mental health system, I’ve found that the term “mental health” (much like some aspects of the field) is not 100% agreed upon. From experience and opinion, a lot has to do with a lack of data. Some use “brain”, others” mental” alongside “illness”, “disease”, and “health” in certain cases. So, it makes cohesive efforts for strategy and communications in organizing forces difficult nation-wide and world-wide. In order to get an understanding of the mostly real-time popularity of these generic terms, TweetMH was built as an experiment. It’s on its first couple of iterations and needs feedback, but provides some value add.

Namely, text-based analyses applying the Flesch Reading Ease Scale and Textblob’s Sentiment (i.e. Polarity) were used and averaged across the last hour’s worth of tweets on an auto-updated basis. Some findings:

  • “Mental Health” is far away and the most tweeted term consistently.
  • “Mental Health” twitter comprises of mostly objective tweets.
  • The use of “brain” spikes up polarity of sentiment, but is generally non-normative in its sample size.

The dashboard will go through some more iterations like a daily data Mailchimp newsletter, hopefully, in the future. Though, that’s not certain. Funds are currently at $0 for development, maintenance, and deployment. So, feel free to contact MindfulDataOrg on Twitter for potentially funding this operation and turning it into a 501(c)3!

If you have thoughts on how to improve the dashboard or want to help, follow or contact MindfulDataOrg on Twitter! All of this is on Github too.