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Data Advocacy: Opening up CDC Data for US Suicides in 2018

Thanks to data mining and analysis, we found a gap in regards CDC data in their Fatal Injury Report regarding suicide…2018 data just isn’t publicly available. That’s weird; especially being a quarter away from the end of 2019. The original goal was to create a data visualization of US LifeLine efficiency and correlation to outcomes (i.e. Suicide) after finding it in the Mental Health Improvement Act of 2018 Report. That’s been done and available now via a dashboard.

You can find the link to the dashboard here. A couple of data analysis findings are interesting from it:

  1. The suicide rate & answered calls jumped significantly from 2016 to 2017
  2. Funding flat-lined while the problem has gotten worse in the US leading up to 2017
  3. Again, can’t find data on 2018 outcomes

So, Mindful Data has gone ahead and created a petition to request the CDC to release the data(set) for 2018. If not available, then give a reason why. Pretty proud of the effort and getting to this point of our first act of data advocacy in Mental Health.